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Replace your conventional PRI and opt in for a more efficient and cost-effective solution. Our solution is entirely contractless and scales along with your growing needs.

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Still leveraging traditional ISDN-PRIs? Slash your current business phone bill by over 50% by migrating over to


Instantly connect your PBX to the telephone network and scale up and down on command with our elastic Virtual PRI.

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How It Works?

Siptrunk process

Our self-serve Virtual PRI solution replaces traditional PRI or business line services with a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

You get unlimited inbound calls, pay per channel every month and have the possibility to share the available channels in your virtual PRI among all your DIDs. It is not uncommon for businesses to have multiple DIDs on a single PRI circuit; however, a PRI circuit is limited to 23 channels and can only be increased by increments of 23. The main difference with our solution is that we provide flexibility. If you wish to have 10 channels, you will get 10 channels.

Worried about capacity? We got you covered with our burstable option where you can have automatic capacity on demand and get charged only for the additional capacity used.

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Per Voice Number


Starting at

0.85 /month

Per Inbound Channel


Starting at

20.00 /unt

per month

Per Capacity Bursts


Starting at

0.325 /unt

per day

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anywhere from your onboarding to your very last question, we got you covered with our FAQ. It includes all important topics namely getting stated, finances, general, support and technical matters.

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How does capacity bursting works?

With bursting, the Virtual PRI will have a reserve of channels that will remain inactive unless the PRI reaches its default inbound channels capacity. In an event where the regular channels of a PRI are maxed out, these dormant channels (...)
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What equipment do I need?

On top of being highly flexible, there is no required equipment to have a virtual PRI configured with our service. Everything is managed directly from our system and you can request any change in the configuration to our team to match your needs.
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Do you offer outbound virtual PRIs?

We currently offer Virtual PRIs only for inbound traffic while outbound remains billed at a per-minute rate. However, there are no charges for increasing the amount of channels required to fulfill your outbound traffic demand. Simply reach out to our support or sales team.
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