VoIP.ms and Microsoft Teams Integration

Streamline your business phone system, integrating your favorite VoIP features with Microsoft Teams




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No more juggling multiple apps or dealing with complex third-party integrations

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Integrating VoIP.ms with Microsoft Teams allows you to easily place and receive calls directly on your Teams app while coupling it with VoIP.ms powerful phone features such as Call Forwarding, Call Transcription, and Call Recording. This can be easily leveraged whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

The integration is perfect for companies utilizing Microsoft Teams and looking to add more flexibility to their business operations. It combines the convenience of the Teams app interface with VoIP.ms’ robust solutions.

VoIP.ms enables you to easily add users and phone lines as your organization grows, providing significant flexibility and unparalleled cost savings.

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Harness the Power of VoIP.ms and Microsoft Teams Integration

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Unified Communication Hub

Merging VoIP.ms with Microsoft Teams creates a single platform for all your communication needs. Remote workers can make and receive calls, chat, share files, and collaborate on documents – all within the familiar Teams interface. This eliminates the need to toggle between multiple apps, boosting overall productivity and streamlining workflows.

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Complete Phone System, all in One Place

Why manage parallel communications systems when you can have them all in one place? VoIP.ms directly connects with Microsoft Teams, allowing you to streamline your communication. Focus on what matters – driving results for your organization – and choose VoIP.ms to handle all your communication needs.

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Scale Your Business

Traditional phone systems often come with high setup and maintenance costs. VoIP solutions, on the other hand, require minimal hardware and infrastructure, resulting in significant cost savings. Adding or removing phone lines is as simple as a few clicks. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and seize new opportunities.

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Unimaginable Cost Savings

Stop wasting time going through phone bills. VoIP.ms speaks your language – clarity and control. Our transparent pricing and intuitive interface let you see exactly where your communication budget goes. No more hidden fees, just crystal-clear communication, the way it should be.

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Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Teams Integration with VoIP.ms

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