Calling Queues

Manage high volumes of incoming calls by placing them in queues specifically configured to optimize customer experience.

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Delight Your Customers

Calling queues can bolster your customer service and brand experience. With, you can:

- Use our current music options or upload your own, matching the style and feel of your brand.
- Announce to callers their position in line.
- Choose the maximum amount of time a caller is on hold before they are transferred to a voicemail or another line.

How Does it Work?

In addition to providing remote work possibilities to your staff, with a calling queue, you can distribute calls, prevent incoming calls from ringing on an agent's occupied line, and add a buffer time between incoming calls for your agents.

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Increase Your Efficiency

Add a dedicated calling queue to each of your high-demand departments, cutting down on missed calls and never-ending voicemails.

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Distribute Calls Your Way

Choose amongst a multitude of ring strategies, such as Round Robin Memory (rings devices in sequential order), Least Recent (rings the device of the agent which was least recently called by this queue), Fewest Calls (rings the device of the agent with the fewest completed calls from this queue), and more.

Dynamic Scaling

The amount of calls your business gets can greatly vary, hour by hour, month by month. You can easily change the amount of responding agents, by having them sign in or sign out of your various queues.

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We offer a vast range of standard telephony features found in traditional phone systems such as call waiting, voicemail and caller ID, as well as enhanced communication features such as time condition, digital receptionist and calling queue that can help your business grow and manage your calls more effectively.

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