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Information and Sales

VoIP Server Locations
1 Atlanta, GA
1 Chicago, IL
1 Dallas, TX
1 Denver, CO
1 Houston, TX
1 Los Angeles, CA
1 New York, NY
1 San Jose, CA
1 Seattle, WA
1 Tampa, FL
1 Washington, DC
1 Amsterdam, NL
1 London, UK
1 Paris, FR
1 Melbourne, AU
1 Montreal, QC
1 Toronto, ON
1 Vancouver, BC

Supported Codecs
1 G.711u (μ-law/pcmu)
1 G.729a

Supported Protocols
1 IAX2

DID Routing
1 Ring Group
1 Call Forwarding
1 Callback
1 Failover
1 Voicemail
1 Digital Receptionist
1 Calling Queues
1 Recording
1 Time Condition


1 SIP/IAX Registration
1 SIP Static IP auth

Flexible Dialing Rules
1 011 intl prefix
1 00 intl prefix
1 E.164
1 US/Canada 1 or 001
1 US/Canada 10 digits

Configuration Samples
1 Asterisk
1 FreePBX
1 Talkswitch
1 Trixbox
1 LinkSys PAP2T
1 Cisco SPA2100
1 X-Lite
1 Zoiper
1 PBX Systems
1 ATA Adapters
1 Softphones


Welcome to the most feature-rich VoIP Provider. Sign up for a free account and tour our industry leading Customer Portal.

What we offer:

Free/Unlimited Support Tickets and Live Chat
Clear, no-nonsense, simple to understand billing
All features included by default/available to all accounts
Use your own device, soft phone, Asterisk, PBX or switch
6 seconds billing increment
USA 48 Premium tier-1 @ 1¢ per minute ($0.01)
Canada starting as low as ½ ¢ per minute ($0.0052)
Canada Premium tier-1 @ $0.009 ($0.01) per minute
Free calls between DID's
Free iNum Origination and Termination
Keep your number: offers number portability
Connect as many phones as you wish with sub-accounts
Free calls to Toll-Free numbers (Termination)
Premium Quality Domestic and Toll free DIDs
International DIDs in over 30 countries
High Channel-Capacity DID's from $0.99 per month
Inbound calls from $0.01 / Toll free: $0.019
CNAM, Voicemail, e411, e911, Speed Dial and SIP URI's
True Canadian CNAM Pass-through (In/Out)
Digital Receptionist (IVR), Recordings, Calling Queues
Ring Groups, Callback, Failover destination, Call Forwarding
Detailed CDR also available in xls, csv, sql and xml
A to Z call termination (Worldwide Call Termination)
No volume commitment
Pay as you go pricing scheme
Very competitive rates
Customer support staff available via Live Chat
Free Asterisk Configuration support
Support available in English, French and Spanish
Flexible Dialing Rules

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Information and Sales (mon-fri 9-5)
Usa/Canada: 1.877.7.VOIP.MS
Usa Toll Free: 1.888.311.7782 Support (en/fr/es)
Dallas, Texas: 1.214.615.8599
Dallas, Texas: 1.214.723.7555 Sales (en/fr/es)
Usa/Canada (French):: 1.866.914.5294
Wed 26th Apr, 2017 03:56 am

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