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Set up your own business hours and associated call routing features to suit your evolving business needs.

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What is a Time Condition?

A Time Condition is a set of rules that allows you to manage and route your incoming calls according to your business needs (e.g. to cover your working hours).

Our self-serve portal allows you to set one or multiple Time Condition for each of your virtual phone numbers.

How Does it Work?

Once enabled in your account, the Time Conditions feature will allow you to define how your incoming calls should be routed depending on the time of the day: during business hours, on holidays or outside business hours!

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Highly Flexible

Each time condition allows you to define a specific schedule to take into account holidays, vacations or any other events. You can define as many time conditions as you need.

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Control Your Call Flow

Our self-serve portal allows you to create your own rules and customize them to match your business needs.

You may route your incoming calls to different numbers, extensions, voice prompts, and more based on the day and time the call is received.

Enhance Customer Experience

Do not leave your customers hanging. For an enhanced customer experience, simply set your own rules and route all incoming calls outside business hours to a profesionnal voicemail or a corporate prompt to inform them.

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