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Can I dial out with my DID?

DID numbers are exclusively designed for receiving calls.

When you place outgoing calls with our service, you are calling from your account rather than from your DID number, and the number you will pass on as your caller ID will be the one that is configured in your accounts settings on the Customer Portal

Can I display a personalized caller ID number when making outbound calls?

Yes. If you are using devices like analogue telephone adapters, IP phones or softphones, you can set your caller ID from your account via the Customer Portal. To set the caller ID number for your main account, access “Account Settings” from the “Main Menu” menu, “General” tab.

Can I display a personalized incoming caller ID name on a per number basis?

Yes. If you have more than one DID, you can configure a different name for each one. This name will appear in the caller ID name section of your phone’s display when you receive a call.

Can I port my existing number from another provider to does offer Local Number Portability (LNP) service, and your number may be available for porting.

Please contact Customer Service to find out whether your current number is portable to the network, or if you already have an open account, please refer to the “Porting a Number” section of the guide at Porting a Number.

Can I port out my number?

If you wish to port out a number from our service, you may do so at any time by initiating the porting request with the new provider. We authorize all port-out requests matching the correct information from your account.

Remember to delete the DID number from your account once the port-out process is completed. For any questions regarding the port-out process, please email our LNP Department at Ports

Can I register two or more different devices with the same account username?

We strongly advise against this, as it may cause conflicts while routing calls to your device, as well as registration-related issues. If you need to register more than one device, please create and use sub-accounts to get new credentials for any additional device.

For more information about sub-accounts, please check the related article on this subject, "Sub Accounts".

Can I resell your services?

Yes, we have a “Reseller Section“ on the Customer Portal. It provides you with all the tools you need, plus a White-Label Reseller Interface that has been developed to help our customers upsell our services under their own brand.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the interface before reselling the service.

For more information about reselling, please contact Technical Support or visit our related article here: Reseller Basic Guide: Reseller Basic Guide.

Do I have access to call detail records?

Yes. With our easy-to-configure Call Detail Record (CDR) feature, you have access to detailed information on your incoming and outgoing calls.

It also contains different filters to sort the call detail records in order to view the desired information. You can access all calls from your account, going back to the very beginning.

Do you accept auto-dialers or telemarketing traffic ?

We do not accept the use of our termination (outbound) services for telemarketing purposes (including but not limited to automated dialers, call centres and collection agencies).

Do you accept auto-dialers or telemarketing traffic?

We do not accept the use of our termination (outbound) services for telemarketing purposes (including but not limited to automated dialers, call centres and collection agencies).

Do you offer service to Call Centers ?

We currently provide service to call centres for inbound traffic only. This type of usage is restricted to DID numbers under a per-minute rate plan. Outbound traffic from call centres is not supported at this time.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Customer Support for more details.

Do you offer Wholesale Rates?

If you are interested on a discount based on traffic, usage or volume, please email Sales with full details about your traffic, such as the destinations you need to call and the average number of minutes used per month, in order to receive additional information and quotes.

Do you provide on-site installation services?

Since we are a BYOD service provider, all software and/or hardware installation needs to be performed by the customer. However, we do offer technical support via live chat and a ticket system (email) to assist users with the installation and configuration of their phones systems.

Additionally, we provide detailed step-by-step configuration guides and samples on our wiki page at Configuration Samples.

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