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Manage high volumes of incoming calls by placing them in queues specifically configured to optimize customer experience.

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What is a Calling Queue?

A Calling Queue is a simple virtual line that callers fall into when they call a business, but an agent isn’t immediately available.

A queue consists of an incoming call in a queue, a member to answer the queue, a music played while waiting, announcements for callers and a strategy to divide calls among agents.

How Does it Work?

Once enabled in your account, the Calling Queue feature will allow you to have many calls on hold, getting assigned in first come, first served order as soon as an agent becomes available to pick up the call.

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Increase Your Efficiency

Add a dedicated Calling Queue to each of your department such as sales, customer service and technical support, cut down on missed calls, infinite voicemails and increase your efficiency.

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Distribute Calls Your Way

Choose the perfect ring strategy for your team and distribute calls your way. Anywhere from a smaller team approach where you can ring all available agents or randomly distribute calls to a bigger team approach where you can distribute calls with a round robin strategy or a fewest calls stategy where you will ring the agent that has completed the least calls.

Enhance Customer Experience

A calling queue automatically enhances customer experience as it encourages callers to wait for someone to answer instead of just hanging up, having to call back at another time, or simply leaving a voicemail.

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