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Our Unique Features

US/Canada Enhanced 911

We are fully compliant with FCC and CRTC regulations with regard to your safety. Enhanced 911 service is available throughout the US and Canada.

Keep Your Current Number

VoIP.ms supports Local, Toll-free and Mobile number portability including free porting across United States and Canada - see all the details here.

Friendly, Available Support Staff

Through live chat, by phone or via email, we're always here to help you get started, answer your questions or make sure you're getting the most from our services.

Exceptional Compatibility

By implementing the most commonly used protocols and codecs, we've made sure our services will work with the majority of VoIP devices and software.

Contract-Free and Pay-As-You-Go

We don't lock you into a long-term contract, and we won't charge you for things you don't use. VOIP.ms gives you the freedom to do things your way for improved communications and smarter spending.

Bring Your Own Device!

At VoIP.ms, we don't want to raise your costs through rental fees or tell you what hardware you can and cannot use. Whether you already have own your hardware or have your eye on the perfect device, we're ready to connect you.

Our Unbeatable Rates

Pay Per Minute Plans from:

$0.85/month, per DID number
Incoming Calls $0.009/minute
Outgoing Calls (Termination) $0.005/minute

Unlimited Plans from:

$4.25/month, per DID number
Incoming Calls $0/minute
Outgoing Calls (Termination) $0.005/minute

Pay Per Minute Plans from:

$0.85/month, per DID number
Incoming Calls $0.009/minute
Outgoing Calls (Termination) $0.01/minute

Unlimited Plans from:

$4.25/month, per DID number
Incoming Calls $0/minute
Outgoing Calls (Termination) $0.01/minute

Who we are

We are business owners with a passion for technology who believed there was a better way to utilize the Internet for a company's communications needs.
Our goals weren't overly complicated: we wanted something reliable, flexible and affordable. When we couldn't find all three anywhere else, we created VoIP.ms
VoIP.ms has offices in Montreal, Canada and Mérida, Mexico, and access points across the globe.

​What We Do

VoIP.ms is devoted to provide quality local and international connections to our customers around the world. By being a strictly bring-your-own-device service, we are able to focus attention on giving customers a highly flexible, feature-rich cloud-based communications service that won't cost more than it needs to.

Phone numbers

Check our available numbers, or confirm that your current number is portable to the VoIP.ms system.

CanadaUnited States

Client Testimonials

  • It is always a pleasure to work with folks at voip.ms over the chat. It is a differentiating factor from other voip vendors I have experienced in last 4+ years. It makes choosing voip vendors easier. Great job guys/girls !!

    Yiyan Jin

  • Amazing support- I am very suprised. Usually support is average at best. You guys are fast, knowledgeable. Very impressed.

    Scott Huxley

  • I cannot possibly say enough good things about VoIP.MS support. You guys have saved my ass countless times, with professionalism, accuracy and good humour.

    Robert Taylor

  • Great, quick, efficient! I am happy. I wouldn't expect this quick service from a regular phone company - I would still be on hold or trapped in voicemail hell!

    Yves Godbout

  • I wish all of my professional services were as prompt as yours! You responded to my questions immediately. IT WAS AMAZING (seriously, I was stunned.) Keep up the excellent customer service; it's a rarity that will keep your customer's loyal and thanks again for your stellar product and service

    Renae J. Burt

  • Super fast response and fantastic tech support. All company's tech support should be this good!

    Ralph Santagato

  • I can't say enough good things about voip.ms in general. I'd give a 10 out of 5 on the satisfaction for support if I could. I wish all companies could take a page out of your book to see how a business should be run!

    Joe McKay

  • Your customer service continually blows me away. The fact that you have reps available on a Sunday morning is wild enough, however, their professionalism and prompt attention is really what makes you a stand out provider. I plan on doing quite a bit more with voip.ms in the coming days because of this.

    Frank Coviello

  • I am an IT tech and have used chats before and this one is the BEST one by far. My confidence in voip.ms is in the stratosphere!

    Franco Magliaro

  • Never once had any minor criticisms with you guys. The best tech support I've ever come across for any service!

    David Campbell

  • I've got to tell you... voip.ms support has been a pleasure to work with. The CHAT feature is AWESOME! Keep up the GREAT service!

    Bob Hall

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