New Viking Electronics Integrations for Enhanced Security

29 April 2024

We are pleased to announce that now supports four new devices from Viking Electronics, a provider of advanced security communication technology. This collaboration brings devices designed specifically to enhance security measures and communication capabilities for VoIP users. 

  • Viking E-1600-IP Series VoIP Emergency Phones: Quick, reliable connections in urgent situations. Detailed wiki HERE. 
  • Viking 40TB-IP SIP Multicast Talkback Speaker: Effective multi-zone communication. Detailed wiki HERE. 
  • Viking K-1900-8-IP Series VoIP Phone with Entry System: Secure door communication and control. Detailed wiki HERE. 
  • Viking X-1605 Series Emergency Phones with HD Video: Enhanced security with visual confirmation during emergencies. Detailed wiki HERE. 

Each device is detailed on our Wiki to help you understand the benefits and integration process. Should you need more assistance, our support team is ready to help you via ticket or email at [email protected]