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CallerID Filtering Enhancements

If you have many CallerID Filtering rules active in your account, you may now use a new functionality that allows you to delete multiple CallerID Filtering rules simultaneously instead of performing this task individually rule-by-rule.  


New API functionality “getRegistrationStatus”

Effective immediately, API users can use the string getRegistrationStatus to consult the registration status of all their accounts. This functionality is beneficial if you have many sub-accounts and want to check their registration status by sending one single command to servers.


International Rate Deck Update Notifications

You can set up your account to receive notifications by email whenever an international rate change occurs. To activate this notification, visit your Account Settings tab under Main Menu on your Customer Portal webpage. Under the Notifications tab, enable the feature and type the email address to which you wish the system to send automatic international rate changes notification.

2022.07.20 Partnership with YakChat

We are glad to announce our partnership with YakChat, a company that lets you send and receive SMS Texts from your Microsoft 365 applications while using


Mental Health Hotline 988 Now Supported

We are pleased to inform you that we now support the 'Mental Health Hotline' dial code 988 on all servers. Note that this is exclusive for the U.S.

The 988 line is the new Suicide and Crisis Lifeline implemented in the U.S replacing the existing 10-digit national suicide hotline. It went live on July 16th, 2022.

For further information on all Dial Codes supported by, check our Wiki page:


API FAX Interface Improvement

We have added two new functions to our API interface, allowing you to
directly connect or disconnect a VFax DID from within the API interface.

These functions are called "connectFAX" and "unconnectFAX".

Please let us know by opening a ticket or emailing [email protected] if you have any questions or issues.

Best Regards.


Introducing Embedded Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

One of our main goals at is to make things easier for you and we have something special you will find useful, for sure... Introducing embedded videos on our Customer Portal, with this addition to our Portal you can see tutorial videos for the most relevant features while you set up or tweak any of these, having all details relevant to the process you’re trying to configure just one click away from you, in the same screen you are currently working on!

Let us know if you have any doubts, please send your feedback at  and our Tech Support team will gladly assist you! Thanks!


[Action may be required] - Toll-Free Number Messaging Requirements.

Please take a moment of your time to read about the latest changes in regulations that will affect SMS service with toll-free numbers. If you do not have any toll-free numbers with, you may simply disregard this communication.   

Effective today, all new US toll-free numbers requiring SMS services must go through a use-case verification process before the service can be enabled. Additionally, all existing US toll-free numbers already provisioned for messaging must also complete the process by September 30th, 2022. 

This change impacting the telecom industry has been made to ensure that toll-free messaging is aligned with both short code and 10 DLC regulations and the sending company as well as the type of traffic they deliver is known, documented, and verified to help prevent spam and phishing SMS messages.   

We understand that this change arrives quite abruptly and stay assured that the whole telecom industry has also been shook by this change, and, despite all inconveniences, we are confident this move will bring a positive change with the ultimate goal of ending with all the scam and fraud text messages that many people fall victim of every year.  

All US toll-free numbers with SMS currently enabled will have up to September 30th, 2022 to provide all the required information to keep SMS service working. We have established internal procedures with our team to help all customers start and complete their verification. 

Furthermore, our team is working on implementing a more streamlined procedure within the customer portal that will allow customers to verify their numbers on a self-service basis. In the meantime, please reach out to our customer support by ticket or email ([email protected]) to start your toll-free SMS verification process. 

We strongly encourage our customers to complete this process as soon as possible before September to ensure the SMS service remains uninterrupted. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team via live chat or ticket. 


Thank you, 



Rejection of Porting Documentation

Following the request of many of our customers, we are pleased to inform you that when faced with a port rejection, we now offer you the option to upload your documents directly to our customer portal instead of opening a ticket.

For more information or in case of doubts, please reach out to our customer care specialist team either via live chat or by opening a ticket.


Leadership Change Announcement

We would like to announce that David Rouleau has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer. Khan Chau, who was serving as CEO, will continue to support as President and Board member providing strategic oversight to the company.  


David joined in May 2018 and has been an instrumental part of the organizational strategic development since he joined the company, building strong relationships with customers and partners in the role of Chief Operating Officer, and leading numerous strategic initiatives that have fueled the company's growth.


“I am humbled to be appointed CEO and have the opportunity to lead such a talented team of individuals,” said David. “The company has a proven business model, a strong competitive platform, and a lot of internal talent, which uniquely positions us to meet ever-evolving customer needs in a changing telecommunications environment. Our business model provides a high-quality communication platform for our customers, demonstrated by the solid reputation we’ve built with our loyal customer base. As cliché as it may sound, customers are a central part of everything we do at We empower our customers by empowering our staff with the right resources and by making constant improvements to our platform. While we strive to offer excellent services, we also focus on continuously helping our customers to optimize their budgets without compromising the quality of the service we offer.” 


More information, right here:


SMS Portal Improvement

Our SMS Portal has recently been revamped. If you are an active SMS user you will benefit from the aesthetic improvements and the workflow when sending or receiving a message. Our interface has been redesigned for a better and enhanced user experience. Check it out right here.

For more information about our SMS service, check out our Wiki right here.


Phonebook Groups API Methods

Our API now allows the creation, edition and deletion of Phonebook Groups. You may make use of the following methods as soon as today:

  • setPhonebookGroup
  • getPhonebookGroups
  • delPhonebookGroup

For more information about Phonebook Groups, check out our Wiki right here.


Upcoming Webinar with SNOM

Next Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022, at 1:30 PM EST we will host a webinar with Antoine Karachekhlian from Snom, a pioneer corporation known for mass-producing and manufacturing professional and enterprise VoIP telephone devices.

Register Here



Waived Fees for Communication Services to Ukraine

At we are deeply touched by the situation impacting the Ukrainian people. As a token of solidarity, effective today, will be absorbing all costs for call termination to Ukraine until at least March 31st, 2022. Our goal with this small action is to show our support for those directly and indirectly affected by the situation taking place in the country, with the aim that not only we can help to keep communication alive to the region but most importantly to also spark a bit of hope in these very difficult times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or Ticket System if you happen to have any doubts, we will gladly assist you.


Introducing Status Page

We would like to notify you of the release of our Status Page.

This new feature will allow you to check on demand the status of all of our services as well as subscribe to our various notification channels such as Email, Slack, Webhook and RSS feed.

The page will provide essential information about our services across multiple of our platforms (Website, Customer Portal, API, CDR, Payment Platform and Email Notifications). All functions related to Numbers, Voice and Messaging Services, Call Conference, Virtual Fax and PRI, Reseller Interface, will be monitored on each of our Points of Presences within Canada, the US, and the rest of the world.

Please note that our status page is currently in the beta-testing phase. Problems found during this testing period may be reported to our staff and will be reviewed and fixed as soon as possible. To check out our brand-new Status Page, visit

Finally, be aware that our status page will soon replace our Issues & Trackers Maintenance on the customer portal, and a direct link to the status page will be added in its place.

As always, you can directly reach out to our support team for further details.

Thank you for being a customer and we hope you enjoy this feature.


Holiday Support Hours

We will remember 2021 as a year that presented a lot of new challenges, more and more companies are switching to a hybrid work mode to keep all their workforce safe while maintaining their customers needs satisfied, has been devoted to helping with this purpose with the aim of keeping your communications working seamlessly.

In order to allow employees some time with their loved ones during this holiday season, please note that our offices will be closed on December 24th, 25th, 31st 2021, and January 1st, 2022.

As usual, our engineers will remain on duty 24/7 monitoring our network. Dedicated staff will also be answering emergency support tickets during normal business hours. On behalf of everyone at, we would like to wish you peace, love, and joy this holiday season and throughout 2022.


A letter to our customers and valuable partners

The past few weeks were nothing short of challenges for our team, customers and partners. Despite our efforts to always best serve you, our industry saw a sudden influx in cyberattacks and on Thursday, September 16th was one of the prime targets. We mobilized our energy and dedicated all our resources to protecting our platform and infrastructure and minimizing any collateral damage from this unprecedented wave of attacks aimed at taking us down. Our team worked day and night to mitigate this attack until we fully restored our services. Now we can say that we came out from this crisis more resilient and stronger, both as a team and as a communication platform. 

Every day we are guided by the commitment to meet your communication needs without you realizing we are the solution provider behind the curtains, ensuring that all the communication features you need to operate seamlessly are in place. It doesn’t matter whether you are a reseller, a business or a residential customer, we aim to ensure everything runs smoothly for every one of you. Not only do we take pride in bringing you one of the highest-quality services available on the market, but we also take pride in doing that while providing you valuable savings, not overcharging you for the quality of service we deliver.

Throughout this event, we sincerely feel grateful that many of you have reached out and expressed your loyalty to our company and offered us support to contribute to weather this storm together. This is truly remarkable and a testament to the strong relationship established between us. 

I am aware that our average time to answer customer inquiries has been higher than what you expect from us, and we are working to bring this back to our well-known customer service standards. I am sincerely sorry for these unfortunate events and their impact on you and your business. 

Our commitment moving forward is to accelerate what we have already been doing, to continue to work on delivering you the best service quality and elevate your experience with to new heights. 

Warmest regards,


Khan Chau 

Chief Executive Officer


Next webinar is up, with our guest Snom!


We have a place reserved for you in our next webinar with our special guest: Snom, a pioneer company founded in Germany with over 20 years of experience, a multinational corporation known for manufacturing professional and enterprise VoIP telephone devices as mass producing VoIP devices, a recognized leader in the industry.

This virtual event will be held on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021, 11 AM EDT, please make sure to keep this on your calendar to learn how both companies' solutions can enhance the capabilities of your business. Here's the link so you can join us!

Thank you!


API improvements for GetCDR API User? We have great news, we've just added extra granularity to our GetCDR method which will make you receive one of the following values for each calls:

For outgoing calls, you will receive a value for each calls stating it was placed to a toll-free, US, Canada, International or if it is an outbound call recording.

For incoming calls, you will receive a value for each calls stating it was received either to your toll-free number, Local US number, Local Canadian number, international DID or if it is an inbound call recording.

Please feel free to give it a go and advise of your experience with this. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to send your inquiries to [email protected]!


New Feature - Call Transcription

We would like to notify you that we just released a new feature, Call Transcription.

This new feature will allow you to either automatically get a transcription of your call sent to your e-mail address, or manually request it through our portal as you see fit. This feature can be enabled at a rate of $0.05 per minute. offers you the full control on this feature, allowing you to set it at the main account level, sub-account level and DID number level. If you would like to enable it account-wide, head over to your customer portal, then go to "Main Menu", "Account Settings", “General” and head to the Call Transcription section. Set “Transcribe” to “Yes”, select the language your calls are most likely to be in, set a notification e-mail, hit both checkboxes in order to apply it to all sub-accounts and all DIDs, then simply apply the changes.

To leverage manual Call Transcription or for more granularity, check out our Wiki article right here.

As always, you can directly reach out to our support for more information.

Thank you for being a customer and we hope you will enjoy this feature.


New Feature for Reseller Portal Users - Set Default Sub-Account

We would like to notify you that we just released a new function for the reseller portal, the ability to set a specific sub account as default.

This new functionality is useful for any customers of yours that have more than 1 sub account and that you wish to specify 1 sub account as default, thus to avoid any popups when they log into their account prompting them to choose which sub account they wish to see.

This can be done from your own end or even from the customer end!For more information on leveraging this feature, please view the following Wiki article right here.

As always, you can directly reach out to our support for more information via live chat or support ticket.

Thank you for being a customer and we hope you will enjoy this feature.


Voicemail user? Our voicemail message limit has increased from 3 to 5 minutes!

We are glad to share with you that, effective from now, our Voicemail message length has been increased from 3 to 5 minutes. This will allow callers to leave longer voicemail messages, avoiding any relevant information left out by time limitations.

If you need additional information on this feature, please do not hesitate to visit the Wiki on Voicemail, as well as contacting us via Ticket or Live Chat, and our team will be glad to help!


Come join us and our special guest: Yeastar!

We are pleased to announce our first co-webinar with Yeastar, one of the world's leading provider of PBX Systems specialized in Small and Mid-Size Enterprises.

Please join us in this virtual event on Wednesday, August 18th, 2021, 10:30 AM EDT and discover the benefits you and your business can obtain from and Yeastar!

Here's the link to register for the event:


New API Methods - Sequence Feature

We would like to notify you of a new addition to our SOAP and REST/JSON API: our Sequence feature. This feature will allow you to enhance your IVR system to a whole other level with limitless integration possibilities.

You can use this feature with our API in a wide range of situations such as:

  • Controlling your condo or office front door with your line through your favorite device, or
  • Receiving a SMS alert whenever the access to your door is given.

The following methods have been added to our API documentation:

  • getSequence
  • setSequence
  • delSequence

To start leveraging this feature, head over to your customer portal, “Main Menu” then “SOAP and REST/JSON API”. If you haven’t enabled API yet, make sure to do so. You can then head over to “Documentation and examples” and you will find examples you need, or you may simply click here.

For additional information about our Sequence feature, check out our step-by-step guide in our Wiki right here. Not sure how API can benefit you? Check out our blog on Communication APIs.

Thanks for being a customer and we hope you will enjoy these new methods.


New API Method for Invoices

We just added a new method to our API to allow our customers to manage their invoice with “getInvoice”.

This will retrieve a URL to download the invoice in a PDF file. You could select for instance to generate an invoice for the previous month every 1st of the month.



We just added new methods to our API to allow our customers to manage our new Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) feature.

MMS Methods:
- deleteMMS
- getMMS
- getMediaMMS
- sendMMS


API Call Recordings

We just added new methods to allow our customers to manage their Call Recordings.

Call Recording Methods
- getCallRecordings
- getCallRecording
- sendCallRecordingEmail
- delCallRecording


Local Number Portability API

We just released a new set of methods that can be used through our API: Local Number Portability! These new methods allow you to start a portability process, add an invoice, retrieve the current status and much more. The new methods are: addLNPPort addLNPFile getLNPStatus getLNPNotes getLNPListStatus getLNPList getLNPDetails getLNPAttachList getLNPAttach All the information about these methods can be found in the new "Local Number Portability" section in our API documentation.


API Get Back Orders

We just added a new method to our API to get a list of the back orders made by the account. getBackOrders id => ID for a specific backorder DID


API Call Recordings

We just added new methods to allow our customers to manage their Call Recordings.

Call Recording Methods
- getCallRecordings
- getCallRecording
- sendCallRecordingEmail
- delCallRecording


API signupClient

Our singupClient method is now returning the newly created ClientID as follows: [status] => success [client] => 1234


SIP Account Password Reset

A new method to reset lost SIP Passwords has been implemented. This new method works for both the Sub Accounts and the Main Account. Overwriting old password in subaccounts is no longer supported for security reasons. By pressing a button the system now generates a new random password which is assigned to the SIP account. Please contact our support team if you have any questions.



We just added a new parameter to our getVoicemailMessageFile method in our API. format => File format. Default value is mp3. Possible Values: mp3, wav, wav49, gsm.


sendFaxMessage and getFaxMessages

We just updated sendFaxMessage and getFaxMessages methods in our API. getFaxMessages has now one new parameter: id => ID for a Specific Fax Message (Example: 23434) sendFaxMessage now returns the FAX ID [fax] => 23434


Reseller Interface Update

We just released a new Reseller Interface version with more configurable options and a clean new look for your customers. This new Reseller Interface can be configured and previewed before you go live and move your customers. You can go to "Client Branding and Access" within our "Reseller" menu for more information.


Voicemail API

We just released the API methods for our new Centralized Voicemail features. Customers can now get a list of their messages, move the messages to a different folder, download their messages files and more. Please review the "Voicemail" section in our API documentation.


API connectDID and getDIDsInfo

We just updated connectDID and getDIDsInfo methods in our API. connectDID has 3 new parameters next_billing dont_charge_setup dont_charge_monthly getDIDsInfo now shows the following information: reseller_next_billing (Next Billing Date)


API Download Recording Files

We just added a new method to allow our customers to download their Recording Files via our API getRecordingFile Parameters recording => [Required] ID for a specific Recording (Example: 7567)


Voicemail Web Interface

We just released A simpler, more intuitive, Voicemail Web interface that allows our customers to manage their mailboxes with greater ease of use. Customers can now listen to their Voicemail Messages from the Web Interface. They can delete and also change the status of a message. Voicemail Web Interface:
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